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July 2010 – Valkenswaard. ’Welcome to a world where imagination is the source of value in the economy’ - Tom Peters

Hello my name is Rob van Vlokhoven. As a Master of Imagineering I am specialized in ‘business innovation from the experience perspective’. I am especially interested in experiential services. These are services where the focus is on the experience of the customer when interacting with the organization, rather than just the functional benefits following from the products and services delivered.

I like these type of services so much because of their ability to meet both physical as well as spiritual/ emotional needs. The emphasis therefore is on the services’ ability to generate stories and appeal to the imagination. Only this way I believe it is possible to truly connect to people and establish deep relationships with all stakeholders.

Deriving from this believe I love to facilitate the design process of co-creating opportunities, which can be found in context-based innovations. Chip Conley, founder of Joie the Vivre Hotels, has put it as follows; ‘Our role is not to create happiness, but to create the conditions in which happiness can occur.’

Obviously this view asks for an holistic approach towards business innovation and I am more than willing to help you to find new ways to transform abstract ideas into meaningful and effective customer experiences.

Do more than Imagine… Live the Dream!

Rob van Vlokhoven – Master of Imagineering

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