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Pedigree; Doggelganger

 16 June 2011 – Pet overpopulation is a problem around the world, and New Zealand is no exception. Every year all around the country, thousands of dogs are lost and abandoned. They’re left to wander the streets, hereby facing a future that is far from bright. That is why Pedigree has launched the Pedigree Adoption Drive Program to raise awareness of this problem in order to make a difference, one lovable and loyal dog at a time.

At the moment their annual adoption drive campaign is about to start. So in order to create attention Pedigree recently introduced the Doggelganger, a human to canine pairing tool, which makes it easier than ever to find a dog in need that looks just like you.

After uploading a photo of yourself the tool analyses your face and matches it with a homeless dog that looks just alike. Once a match is found, the site presents a picture of the dog along with his or her name, location, age, sex, breed and personality description.  Hopefully this inspiring initiative will pair more than a few lucky dogs with new owners.

To find out what dog you would look like, please visit;

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