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Hyundai; New Thinking. New Possibilities.

 21 June 2011 – People’s expectation towards individual mobility is more than just a means of transportation. The old understanding of cars therefore has become outdated. Nowadays a car is an extension of a consumers’ life and as such it has to resonate with different lifestyles and different meanings. To address this paradigm shift Hyundai Motor now is creating a new mobility culture, which transforms a car from being simply a part of life into a space for living.

To encapsulate this inspiring and qualitative approach Hyundai Motor has developed a new slogan ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’ through which is hopes to demonstrate its commitment to provide consumers and society with greater Possibilities through New Thinking about cars and New Thinking about consumers.

In order to deepen the meaning behind the new slogan Hyundai Motor has come up with four delivery statements for their stakeholders;

To our customers

Hyundai’s new thinking seeks to uplift our customers’ quality of life. In continuous pursuit of better quality, services, and new solutions, Hyundai creates new mobility experiences and the new culture.

To our staff

We need to change our way of thinking, working, and communicating in every facet of life and work. Only by focusing on the moment and our customers, and also by questioning the way things have always been done, we can find better solutions and come up with new ideas which will enrich our customers mobility life experiences.

To our company itself

We’re on our way to be the top in the global automobile market, making good quality cars and offering better solutions. However, we’re against settling where we are now. We will become a responsible member of global society to make new possibilities for people and the planet.

To the Automotive Industry

We are not just making good quality cars anymore, we’re working to find the very solutions that our customers crave for. We will be the company that focuses on and communicates with our customers to become a brand like no other.

Another way to transmit the idea behind the slogan is storytelling. Hyundai Motor therefore has written the following on their corporate website;

“Bottles made of rubber were an essential household item for Europeans in the olden days, because they did not break even when they were dropped or stuffed. One of the things that we could not do without in our times is the rubber band, the birth of which is connected to the rubber bottle.

The rubber band was first invented by an Englishman named Thomas Hancock. His ‘new thinking’ about the rubber bottle turned an object that had been used to hundreds of years to ‘contain’ things to something that could ‘hold’ things together. Hancock, considered a bit offbeat by the people around him for his unusual ideas, cut the rubber bottle into thin slices, and used the slices in underwear. New thinking led to new possibilities, and the resulting new invention not only freed people from uncomfortable underwear but opened the way to many changes in our daily life.

Just like Thomas Hancock created the rubber band from the rubber bottle, Hyundai Motor is also in quest of new thinking and new possibilities that will give birth to something completely new. The efforts have led Hyundai Motor’s new thinking that defines cars not as means of transportation but a space for new experiences and cultures.

Hyundai Moto is no longer a company that sells cars; it is a creator of new experiences and cultures. Every single member of the Hyundai Motor Company has now been reborn as a Thomas Hancock. In our ever-so rapidly changing world, Hyundai Motor will not look at cars and all things related to cars with the same perspective as before nor make performed judgements about them. Such new thinking will beget countless new possibilities.

‘New Thinking. New Possibilities.’ It is not just the new corporate slogan of Hyundai Motor. It is an important milestone that has been set at the turning point of automotive history.”

To find out more about this inspiring approach, please visit or check out one of these videos.

Update 4 July 2011;

At the Amsterdam AutoRai 2011 Hyundai used their new thinking to create an engaging sharing experience by taking the digital Facebook ‘like’ to the real world. Though the use of some clever RFID technologies visitors could instantly share their favourite Hyundai cars with their online friends. To find out more about this inspiring idea, please have a look at the video.

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